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Doraisamy Farm
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Doraisamy's JACOB SHEEP


Doraisamy Elk, Sheep, Beef Farm Products: 

  • Elk Steaks, Roasts & Ground Elk
  • Lamb Chops & Steaks, Leg of Lamb, and Ground Lamb
  • Grass Fed Saler Beef - Steaks, Roasts and Ground
  • Freeze Dried Pure Elk Velvet Antler (250mg Capsules)
  • Elk and Jacob Sheep Breeding Stock
  • Elk Hard Antlers
  • Elk & Beef Hides/Leather
  • Jacob Sheep Pelts/Rugs
  • Jacob Ram Skulls (up to 4 Horns)
  • Wool Blankets (Natural Color, Twin or Queen)
  • Ivory Elk Teeth
  • Hard Antler Elk Buttons
  • Colloidal Silver (Natural Antibiotic) Information Booklet
  • Elk Meat and Elk Velvet Antler Brochures for Pets & People

This site is currently under construction therefore for additional information call 320 524-2513 or Email  info@MNelk.com

Doraisamy's elk and lamb are raised on pasture and hay without Antibiotics, Steroids or Hormones; are supplemented with non-GMO Grains and minerals; and all slaughtered elk are tested for CWD (Chronic Wasting Disease). Doraisamy's beef are raised on pasture and hay all year round and are supplemented with minerals.


ELK MEAT is the healthy red meat.  It has less calories, fat, and cholesterol than even skin-less chicken, although it has more protein. See USDA Agricultural Handbook 8.  Elk can be substituted in all your beef recipes.  It is very lean so care must be taken not to overcook the steaks and burgers.
On Doraisamy Farm our elk are raised on green pastures and hay and without the use of Antibiotics, Steroids or Hormones.   They are supplemented with kelp, organic minerals and NON GENETICALLY ENGINEERED (NON-GMO) grains - some actually grown on our farm.  Every elk butchered from Doraisamy Farm is tested for CWD - Chronic Wasting Disease.


Doraisamy Farm has a small herd of JACOB SHEEP - an old hardy breed which may go back to Biblical times.  These Jacob lambs are raised on grassy pastures and are supplemented only with NON Genetically Engineered grains - many even grown on the farm, and some purchased mineral supplement.  The lambs are also raised ASH Free - NO Antibiotics, Steroids, or Hormones.


Our small herd of beef Salers are on grass pasture til the snow flies.    They do very well with the change of seasons in Minnesota and therefore are never confined in a building. Just on grass/hay and mineral, in no time they are a good size - ready for processing.  So far we've been able to provide to local customers all year round our ground beef and steaks.  These beef also are raised ASH Free.

Doraisamy's Saler and Saler-Cross Beef


In season, we have Elk Steaks, Roasts & Ground Elk; Lamb Chops, Steaks, and Ground Lamb; and Beef steaks and Ground Beef.

Also, ORDER NOW - an Elk BULL with a full set of Mature Antlers.  They are good eating too.  Available in September of 2016 - We will deliver to a local Processing Plant or Minnesota Shooting Preserve.  Arrangements normally need to be made months in advance.  Click on 'Meat Trophy Bulls' to your left for more information.  DO IT NOW! Limited Number of Bulls Available!

FREE DELIVERY of meat in the local area.


Not only is meat sold directly from the farm - some Doraisamy products are sold at the following locations:

Farmers Market Alexandria, MN (April - October)
Hampden Park Coop in St. Paul, MN  http://www.hampdenparkcoop.com
Good Earth Coop in St. Cloud, MN  http://www.goodearthcoop.com
Fresh and Natural in Shoreview, MN  http://freshandnaturalfoods.com

We are a family farm with only small herds of elk and lamb, therefore the above 'good food stores' carry our meats only for limited times in the year. We greatly appreciate these stores for handling our meats on a seasonal basis.


ARROWWOOD RESORTS BAR & GRILL                                                                 2100 Arrowwood Lane NW near Alexandria  www.arrowwoodresort.com


110 30th Ave W, Alexandria, MN     pikeandpint.com

These restaurants do not only serve Doraisamy's elk and/or lamb. When we are unable to provide a continuous supply for their menu, they purchase from other local farms or farmers' coops.  We so very much appreciate they're dedication to utilizing local suppliers/small farms.

If you don't think GMO's are a concern, we suggest you do some research.  Two good books to start with are "Seeds of Deception" by Jeffrey Smith and "Food at risk GENETICALLY ALTERED FOODS AND YOUR HEALTH" by Ken Roseboro.


OUR TROPHY BULLS ARE GOOD EATING.  They are not fed anything unnatural for the growth of their antlers.  For the best eating meat, we recommend they be harvested in early September before they go into rut. 

Plan to pick out your bull soon.  In early September, we will deliver it to a Minnesota Shootinig Preserve of your choice or to a Local Processing Plant. 
Contact us for additional information or to visit our farm    info@MNelk.com or call 320 524 2513

Typical 6x7, heavy & very symmetrical beams, large body
SCI Score: Over 400


Velvet Elk Antler - A People & Pets Supplement

On Doraisamy Farm, the Velvet Antler is humanely removed from the male elk in early summer when it contains the highest level of nutritional properties.  The inner core of the antler is then freeze dried and processed into 250mg capsules.  Doraisamy Elk Velvet is bottled and sold as a nutritional supplement for people and pets.  The elk grow a new set of antlers each year, which makes velvet antler an annual renewable resource from our farm.

Photo contains a bottle of our Velvet Elk Antler containing 500mg capsules.  Please note we are sold out of the 500 mg capsules.  We still have available 250 mg capsules with 60 capsules per bottle.

Mail us (Doraisamy Elk, 1090 County Road 7 NW, Garfield, MN  56332) a self addressed stamped envelope and we will send you a FREE BROCHURE on Velvet Antler.  Request whether you want information for you or your pet.

In the meantime check out these excellent articles on Velvet Antler by Dr. Betty Kamen, Ph.D.


Also, a past study of American weight-lifters taking velvet antler supplements showed positive results. The subjects in the Benedictine University study were 34 men from 18 to 35 years of age. Each had at least four years of weight lifting experience.  Below is an article discussing some of the study's results.

Velvet Antler Good for the Heart    September/October 2004 Deer & Elk Farmers’ Digest
In this double-blind study, the experimental group was given 1,350 mg of velvet antler powder twice a day while the placebo group was given an inert substance. Before and immediately after the ten-week experiment, the subjects were put through a series of tests and measurements.

At the end of the research trial, the weight lifters that had been taking the velvet antler had: Less fat on their torsos, Lower LDG cholesterol levels, Greater aerobic capacity, Less muscle damage, Greater strength, and Greater stamina.  The researchers found that by the end of the trial, the athletes on velvet antler had reduced the trunk to limb fat ratio from 104.7 to 101.0. There was no measured effect on weight or body mass indices. The significance of this, according to Dr. Craig Broeder the lead researcher, lies in the influence of fat deposition patterns on the risk of heart disease. Increased fat around the trunk is a major cardiovascular risk factor.

The group taking velvet antler also showed a significant decline in LDL cholesterol concentrations by 12.2 percent. As a result, the LDL/HDL (good/bad cholesterol) ratio also declined 8.4 percent. This would reduce the group’s risk of cardiovascular disease. There was also some evidence that the velvet antler was effective in lowering blood pressure. There were no negative effects observed for the liver and kidney enzyme markers.

In terms of muscle strength, the group taking the velvet antler showed a significant improvement in bench press (4.2 percent) and squat exercise (9.9 percent) performance. The placebo group showed no change.

The peak power of the velvet antler group reduced only 0.5 percent during the anaerobic trials, compared with 3.2 percent reduction in the placebos. Their average power reduced by 2.1 percent compared with 5 percent. They were also about 60 percent quicker in reaching peak power.

A particularly interesting result was in the effect of velvet antler on aerobic capacity. In absolute terms and relative to body weight, it increased significantly – 9.8 percent and 9.4 percent respectfully. There was no change in the placebo group. Additionally, during a maximal treadmill test, most subjects in the velvet antler group had a reduced heart response of 5 to 8 beats per minute. 

A side finding of this study was that velvet antler may have a potential for the prevention of osteoporosis. The placebo group appeared to lose bone density during the study, which indicated they were over-training. The experimental group retained bone density.

Dr. Broeder says that all the results are very significant differences, especially for athletes who were already extremely fit and training at a high level. Although it was a double-blind study, the ones taking velvet antler knew within two or three weeks that they were taking something really different.

According to Dr. Broeder, more studies are needed to confirm these benefits in athletes and average adults. He is particularly interested in seeing whether velvet antler could help reduce weight and risks of cardiovascular diseases among middle-aged "couch potatoes" and non-athletes.

Other benefits of velvet antler were reduced muscle damage and a dramatic improvement in the rate of repair of any muscle damage that did occur. Muscle damage was measured by blood levels of creatine kinase (CK). CK is an enzyme found in cells which helps them source energy during exercise. During anaerobic exercise, some muscle cells break open and their contents find their way into the bloodstream. A rise in the CK levels in the blood indicates that muscle damage has occurred, or is occurring. In the velvet antler group, CK levels were 25 percent lower than the baseline, compared with 11 percent with the placebos. Two days later, CK levels in the experimental group were 45 percent below the baseline. 

[Source: NZ The Deer Farmer – April 2004]

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In brief, you should know the following about us: Doraisamy Elk was established in 1990 and has been responsible for providing outstanding elk and lamb products ever since. Our specialties are trophy bulls, custom meats and velvet elk antler.  Our regular customers particularly value the quality of our meat and antler supplement. Our business is located at 1090 Co Rd 7 NW, Garfield, MN  56332.

This site is currently under construction.  Please contact us for additional information  email  info@MNelk.com  or call 320 524 2513